Sunday, 12 February 2012

Plan of Action

Here is the grand plan to which I'm aspiring for my writing. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  1. Get the first draft of my novel finished so I can put it down and then go back to edit it. The working title is "The Ironmonger's Error"
  2. Spend a month writing short stories and flash fiction pieces which I intend to submit to some of the excellent blogsites and writing competions. I will also be offering pieces to sites where I have not yet been featured in an effort to increase my circle of readers. There will also be another collection of brand new material realeased from the stories I write in this period.
  3. Do the necessary edits and corrections to The Ironmonger's Error and then send it to some beta readers.  If you would like to help with this just let me know and i'll happily sign you up.
  4. Write a Harry Charters novella or short story telling his back story. I plan to do this using a second person POV so it could be an epic fail or a glowing success.
  5. Do the edits and changes suggested by the beta readers and then try to get an agent.
  6. Start on the follow up to The Ironmonger's Error and also write a short story starring each of the six main police characters.
I will of course allow myself to be distracted by everyday life, football and beer like every other writier out there. Any agents and publishers who offer me a several figure book deal can also expect the tearing up of this plan forthwith (lawyer speak for right away)

I'll also be writing pieces where requested and doing interviews, guest posts etc. If anyone would like a piece for an anthology I am always happy to help if I can and especially so if it is a charity anthology.

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  1. Graham--just to let you know, I liked you up on my blog In The Dark Mind of B.R.Stateham.

    And thanks,fella, for being a fan of 'Smitty.'