Monday, 4 June 2012

The Birth Of True Brit Grit by Paul D. Brazill

Today I welcome the Grand Master of the Brit Grit scene. Paul D Brazill gave me one of my first breaks as a writer by including my story Adult Education in True Brit Grit. 
Here’s what he has to say about True Brit Grit.

At first, I spotted the odd one, here and there.  

Then I peeked another.  

And then they seemed to be everywhere!  

The first one I saw was Banks, I think, then Quantrill, Williams, Guthrie, Black. Later, Griffiths, Bird, Sant, Morrigan, Ayris, Rivers. And more!

The Brit Grit mob were here. Crime fiction; social realism; horror; black comedy.The lot!
And it was great!
So, I had the half-bright idea of trying to nab a few of them together into an anthology. A taster of this new bitter-sweet sub-genre.
And so I asked a handful of writers to donate stories. Then loads of other people. And you know what? They almost all said yes!

And then I really lucked out.
Luca Veste, who had edited and published Off The Record, offered to publish the anthology –now known asTrue Brit Grit- through Guilty Conscience publishing. And co-edit, too. Then Steven Miscandlon designed a brilliant cover. And the legendary Maxim Jakubowski agreed to write the introduction.
And then we were LIVE! And kicking ass!
How nice is that?
True Brit Grit is available from Amazon.
And in print from Lulu.
Paul D. Brazill’s blog, You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You? is here.

In addition to having Paul D Brazill on my blog today I’m delighted to announce that the other anthology which features a story of mine is being given away free for two days on Amazon.
That’s right folks Action:Pulse Pounding Tales is free on the 6th and 7th of June so head over to Amazon and grab your copy of this excellent action thriller anthology.


  1. Paul's a master of Noir take it from a wise guy. Graham hosts a fine blog.

  2. Thanks for the guest blog. An good prompt about Action being free this weekend. Lots of Brit Griters in there.

  3. Thanks Guys.

    I shoulda made the connection Paul. There are lots of Brit Gritters in Action.

    I'm very proud to be in both.